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Get the most out of every interview and recruit more people like your top performers. When it comes to employee recruitment, our consultants can help you with everything from evaluating your most promising applicants to redesigning your current selection system. You will learn what qualities are needed for success with your company, how to determine if someone has them and how to get it right the first time.

  1. How often have you recruited someone whose best performance was during the interview?
  2. Do you know the qualities that distinguish your best performers?
  3. How can you be sure you’re making the best choice between two qualified candidates?

Selection of Top Performers

In-Depth Assessment

With our valid, accurate and in-depth personality assessment, the Caliper Profile, and our unparalleled database of the qualities needed for success in virtually any position, our consultants can show you which candidates have the greatest potential to succeed in your current opening as well as point out their potential for growth and advancement. You will understand what motivates individuals, how they will get along with team members and managers and how their personality traits translate to job performance.

We can also help you develop a success model based on the specific qualities that distinguish your most successful employees. With this guide, you can compare promising applicants to your best performers and ensure you are recruiting the people who share those same qualities.

And, if you need to clarify position requirements, rewrite job descriptions, structure better interviews or revamp your entire recruitment process, we can help.

Applicant Screening

For high-volume positions or to get a quick view of someone’s basic sales or service abilities, our quick, online screening assessment, the Caliper First Step, will show you which candidates have the qualities needed to succeed and help you eliminate the individuals displaying the least potential for success.