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Organisational Development


Developing your organization starts with gaining a clear, objective view of the strengths and limitations of your people. Our experience tells us that successful organizations are those where individuals know what is expected of them, receive regular constructive feedback on how well they are doing, understand what they need to achieve to be considered for promotion and which skills they need to develop for future roles. They are able to access appropriate development opportunities and can see that the organization’s processes for selection, performance review, career development and promotion are fair, consistent and objective.

At Caliper we help you to define the roles and responsibilities essential for successful achievement of business strategy. We work with you to identify the key competencies and behaviours that individuals need to perform these roles in ways which are consistent with your values. Then we help you recruit and develop the right individuals, using the Caliper Profile alongside specifically designed selection and development tools.

  1. Do projects start with enthusiasm, then stagnate?
  2. Are the members of your management team in sync. with each other and with the goals of your organization?
  3. How do you measure and reward exemplary performance?
  4. Are you losing ground to your competitors?

Strong Leadership in an Unpredictable Economy

As leaders, facing some of the toughest challenges of your lives right now, nothing is more important than who you surround yourselves with and how much they believe in you. You are all facing very difficult decisions, daily, at lightning speed. How deeply you reflect, and how quickly you act will show your true character. And you know that the people in your organization are looking to you much more closely and intently than ever before. As markets collapse and jobs disappear, your employees want two things from you: they want to know the truth about what is going on, while, at the same time, wanting you to replace their fear with confidence. To have confidence, they need to know you have a plan—a plan to head straight into these challenges and prevail. Whether you need help with developing that plan, surrounding yourself with the best people, integrating new teams and leaders, or strengthening your own leadership skills, Caliper is here to work with you.

Retaining Top Talent

Although employers know it’s rare these days for people to remain employed by the same company for their entire careers, many of them are unprepared for when a top employee leaves to pursue an opportunity that provides more recognition, potential for advancement and satisfaction. Caliper’s consultants can work one-on-one with each of your top performers to help them assess their talents, identify hidden potential and clarify their goals, while advising you how to link their abilities and interests with the needs of the organization. As you increase your top employees’ feelings of value, you’re much more likely to increase their loyalty and tenure. And, considering it can cost anywhere from £20,000 to £150,000 per new recruit, keeping your top performers happy—and on board—can save your company a lot of money.


Whether you are interested in Executive Coaching, High-Potential Development or Coaching for Improved Business Performance, we offer an adaptable coaching service which can be tailored to meet an organisation’s and individual’s needs. Using the Caliper Profile as the foundation for our discussions our experienced consultants can help individuals identify areas of both strength and development. We may also recommend the completion of other tools such as 360 degree feedback to enable individuals to obtain feedback on their actual work performance. We work closely with you, creating action plans with definable goals, to make sure you are continuing to see desired results.

Development Centres

Caliper designs and runs development centres to help you identify the potential of your high performing employees. We work with our clients to identify the competencies required for future success and design tailored exercises to allow individuals to demonstrate their strengths and identify areas during the development centre.

These exercises include role plays, group activities, case studies, inbox exercises, presentations and ability tests as well as the Caliper Profile and other developmental tools such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator and 360 degree feedback surveys.

Development centres usually take place over two or more days to allow delegates time for reflection and learning and each activity is followed by a constructive feedback session. We find these development centres work best when senior managers are involved and we deliver full training in observation techniques and giving coaching feedback.

Following attendance on development centres each candidate receives a comprehensive report which integrates all the observations with the results from their profiles and provides them with a motivational development plan.

Competency Framework Design and Development

Competencies are a clear message from the organisation to the individual about the behaviours that will be valued, recognised, developed and rewarded. Competencies assist organisations in making objective decisions about selection and development and can form the basis of recruitment, assessment and development processes, as well as assisting in performance management, personal development and success planning.

We work with organisations to develop their own competency frameworks in a number of ways, from adapting our Caliper Competency Dictionary to reflect your organisation’s terminology and language to developing your own bespoke competency framework through an in-depth research process. The key to successful development and implementation of a competency framework is the involvement and buy-in of the people who will be using it. We therefore work closely with our clients to develop frameworks which have a high degree of relevance to their business.

Once you have developed your framework or if you already have a robust Competency model you want to get the best out of we can work with you to develop competency based recruitment, selection, development and talent management processes. Working with our software partners we can develop bespoke 360 degree surveys and performance review processes based on your competencies.

Competency Based Development

Caliper can help you get the most out of your Competency Framework by developing Competency Based Development Guides which help your people maximise their opportunities for learning on the job.

The guides include questions to help managers and individuals identify needs, suggestions for immediate changes they can make in their everyday actions and developmental projects. In addition, we make up-to-date recommendations on relevant learning resources such as websites, books and computer based training.

The guides help people optimise their potential in their existing roles, as well as helping them to prepare for their next role.

Manager’s Toolkit

The Toolkit is an invaluable resource for managers to help them in the coaching and development of their people. It contains guidelines, tips, techniques and checklists for the full range of management activities from analysing and solving problems to writing reports. We can develop a toolkit specifically for your own organisation, so that it reflects the essential elements for your managers; be they experienced or new to a management role.

Creating a Performance Management System

To achieve your corporate goals, you must be able to tie the performance and motivation of individuals to your overall strategic objectives. Working with Caliper to create a structured performance management system will help you do this. Essential to our approach is delivering an objective, consistent and effective system for measuring and monitoring performance. We integrate an understanding of individual motivations with clear expectations and open lines of communication so that everyone knows they are being evaluated fairly—in the context of your organization’s goals. With standards in place, you can easily measure, track and maximize performance.

Developing a Succession Plan

Studies reveal that a staggering sixty-six percent of senior managers recruited externally fail within the first eighteen months. So, the time to start thinking about who will replace top executives in your organization is now—and the key to success is to have a pool of internal candidates who are ready to rise to the challenge. Caliper’s Succession Management Programme can help you assess your business strategy and find and develop talented leaders within your own company to drive that strategy, support your values and successfully support the future of your organization.