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Caliper Certification for Clients

When you become Caliper Certified™, you will be the go-to internal resource who best understands the Caliper process and is able to effectively answer questions about Caliper Profiles across your organisation.

Caliper Certification is ideal for clients or individuals who currently integrate Caliper Profile results into numerous aspects of their talent-management process, or for those who plan to do so in the future.

Participants will gain comprehensive knowledge of the Caliper Profile assessment, including an in-depth understanding of behaviours and traits that comprise each formula.

Not only will you be able to interpret and understand Caliper Profile results, but you can also leverage your improved knowledge to fully understand your employees’ motivations and create developmental programmes that enhance their strengths and address their limitations.

In addition, certification can help you avoid losing your high-potential performers, because you will know how to help them succeed and thrive.

The more you know about how personality impacts performance, the more effective you will be in hiring and developing top talent.

Why become Caliper Certified?

  • You will be your organisation’s in-house expert on Caliper Profile graph interpretation, tools, and reports
  • You will be able to effectively incorporate Caliper Profile results into solutions that encompass all aspects of your talent management strategy
  • You will have access to a Caliper coach as well as continuing-education opportunities
  • You will have access to drivers and inhibitors that compose each behavioural score, which is information not shared in any other forum

Caliper Foundations Level Certification
Caliper Foundations Level Certification is appropriate for those who are looking to increase their knowledge of the Caliper Profile. It is designed to provide you with a detailed understanding of topics such as:

  • Psychometrics
  • Compliance
  • Interview Questions
  • Interpretation of Caliper Profile Behaviours and Traits